The Confederate Battle Flag Under Attack By Marxists #csaflag

How is that title?  The Antebellum South versus today’s Marxist collectvists, who never miss a chance to advance their foul agenda.

I wasn’t a bit surprised when I heard Virginia Governor Terry McAwful say he was recalling the Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates with the CSA battle flag emblem.

I think he’s shit a brick if he knew in the Virginia State Capitol building, in the historic old House Chamber, is an entire room devoted to preserving Virginia’s special place in the Confederacy.  Confederate flags, statutes of famous Virginia CSA generals and politicians, and everything devoted to the Cause.

The room?  The actual legislative chamber of the House of Representatives of the Confederate States of America.

It was pretty cool when I visited it–an entire room devoted to the armed fights of my Commonwealth against the oppressive Yankee federal government.

I predict this will blow over by next week, once the next fake crisis is manufactured by the legacy socialist MSM and pushed into the news cycle.  But the enemies of Liberty continue to reveal themselves, which isn’t a bad outcome.  What little strength they have is mostly derived from ignorance and from hiding under a rock.


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