#Trump Keeps Going, Despite The Garbage Being Tossed At Him. #AltRight

I have to hand it to The Donald, he just never lets up.  It must be pure ego driving him now, because lesser men would have said, “Get stuffed, the lot of you!”

I must post more here, I know, I know.  Work, travel, life, etc.

Go check out Vox Day’s spot to find some much needed inspiration during dark times like today.

And get a load of the next political movement, just starting out: The Alt-Right.  It’s in the same inchoate mix that fascism was in the 1910-1915 period.  And it’s not fascism, it’s quite something else.  There are some parts of it that I do not like at all (e.g., the white supremacist stuff), but other parts…quite intriguing.  It has a ways to go before it goes mainstream, so it will continue to develop, and at the rapid pace brought on by the Internet.

But it is growing, there’s no doubt about that.


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