The God-Emperor Ascendant #Trump

I have no idea where the “God-Emperor” meme started on the Internet, but I love it! Applying all of this to Donald Trump, the glitzy man of the 1980s, is reductio ad absurdum at its finest.

Well, as I predicted, Trump would win the 2016 general election. It was the unseen rural vote and the unbelievable enthusiasm shown for him by millions of otherwise politically indifferent voters that changed history. And once I saw the empty rallies of the poorly run Clinton campaign and the 180-degree difference of the Trump mass rallies, I knew how Election Night would go.

Now, the poor man has to run this place. That I do not envy.

I believe I will try for a job in his administration. Being part of this unbelievable history would be quite exciting. Heck, perhaps some of the ideas I’ve written below might just find an official place in the Trump Administration.

But first, #Pizzagate has to be addressed. Man, when I first came across this atrocity a few weeks ago, it was just too fantastic to be believed. Now, it’s an 5th Estate, Alt-Media industry that threatens the stability of existing world institutions. Amazing what has changed in just one month.

Here are some links to this incredible and disgusting tale, the end of which has yet to be written.

Main research site:
Synopsis site:
Synopsis site:
Synopsis site:
Synopsis site:
Former HuffPo’s David Seaman’s synopsis videos:

All most likely labeled “fake news” sites by the increasingly irrelevant MSM. They really are at the end of their corporate run when they come up with silly rejoinders such as “fake news.” Whatever; the sooner the legacy MSM goes away the better this world will become.

Let’s hope none of this devolves into a shooting war in the United States. The Establishment, to protect itself, is capable of engineering such vileness to mask its crimes.

12/4 update: Well, this entire story got even weirder, if that was possible: some nut from North Carolina just shot up the pizza shop. Thankfully, no casualties, but lots of police presence on that block of Connecticut Avenue N.W.

This should either “fire up the crazies,” as John McCain once said, or it will provide an either more public dimension to this odd-as-heck story. Which the end of it is still being written, as I wrote earlier.  Today’s incident is only one chapter.


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