A Successful #ElectoralCollege Vote – Or Civil War | #Trump

With a small minority of Electors taking what is a ceremonial position for casting a state’s official ballot and turning it into their own public display of narcissism and political ignorance, I found this blog voicing a growing fear I thought when I first heard about this blindingly stupid movement by certain people drunk on the power given to them by state legislatures.

They do not know what they are fucking with.

From virginiafreemen.com, comes our nation’s ultimate nightmare. I thought the 2013 Civil War Scare was bad–this is just playing with fire and dynamite:

“Let me game out the very real, very possible reaction to this by all those deplorables that might, just might, not take it very well being told voting was for naught and to get back in line.

Assuming enough of the electorates overturn the popular vote in their states, it makes the enormous brick thrown through the window of the establishment by a majority of states all for naught. To say many would be displeased is an understatement of rather epic proportions. Let us frame it in a different light:

The people you just told to go pound sand on average purchase enough firearms in three months to outfit the Russian and Chinese front-line troops.

Every. Three. Months.

Those guys who were entrusted to go become experts at fighting insurgents and came home to better quality small arms in the private sector than they were issued, carved an entire market out of teaching what they learned from Uncle Sam to people with the coin and and the desire…

I’m an eternal optimist, but I don’t believe silencing and stripping the votes of the opposition, who own the vast majority of the 400-600M firearms in the US, bodes well for anyone…

I hope by now you have a sense of why this road leads to something far worse than anything Trump could ever accomplish in four years. I can empathize with you, and do not mistake my plea for sanity as tacit approval of him.

I don’t care about the person, I care about the office, and the process. A government who demands my taxes and obedience whilst stripping me of my duly elected representation is the casus belli enshrined in our Founding Documents.

Work to repeal the electoral college if you must, and hold the Trump administration accountable. However, do not resort to leaving the bounds of lawful governance in the vain hope of salvaging political setbacks. Because should you do so, it frees any and all obligations I posses to the government and becomes a nation of occupation.”

The faithless Texas elector identified elsewhere as indicating he will not cast his ballot as directed has money and mental problems, and should have never been chosen by the Texas Republican Party as an Elector. Someone in their leadership will have to answer for this monumental fuck-up.

None of us should close our eyes to this reality: if Donald Trump is denied taking office in January as a result of faithless electors abusing their position, we will be in a shooting war in 2017.

And the Establishment will not survive.

It will start out small, and grow as fast as a Kansas prairie fire in the height of the dry season. It will consume every part of this nation by the time it is finished, much like Sarajevo’s tragedy consumed all of Europe 100 years ago.

We DO NOT want this.


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