An Alternative To The FBI: And It’s Already In The #Constitution

I’ve been thinking about this idea for years, and decided to publish it on a solid Alt-West blog I read regularly.

“Ryan’s Guards Regiment”

The FBI is becoming a very arrogant organization because its morally deficient leadership knows it has a monopoly. It badly needs a competitor.

I’ve advocated for years that another organization dedicated to protecting the Constitution, and not necessarily law enforcement, is needed in today’s American domestic policy and political world.

Call it the Constitution Security Service, call it the Militia (which as a bonus, already has its organizing clauses in the Constitution), call it the “Office for the Protection of the Constitution” (as the Germans do for their BfV domestic security agency), call it “Ryan’s Guards Regiment,” call it whatever, this new paramilitary organization could certainly serve as a counter to a increasingly rogue security organization like the FBI. It would also have other functions as well through its mission and necessity.

I’ve also advocated this new American force should be organized on the lines of the Russian Ministry of Interior’s Internal Troops, which has been around since the days of Alexander I. (It’s now Putin’s “National Guard of Russia.”) That would mean a minimum of two divisions’ strength with support units, including armor, artillery, and air. This force has to have real teeth if it going to be taken seriously.

And instead of the President running this force under Article II, it should be under the aegis of Congress and Article I. Which would mean that Article III courts could not have jurisdiction over its arrests; Congress would have to set up a new alternative court system with its functions specifically removed from Article III jurisprudence under the Exceptions Clause (Art. 3, Sec. 2).

Congress can do that. And it should. Perhaps this might be the opportunity to do so, if someone on Capitol Hill (I’m guessing certain R House Members, you know which ones) reading this blog thought this idea might make a _really_ interesting bill to drop this session…

Naturally, I want a command position with this organization.  Having studied paramilitary organizations from Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Serbia, Yugoslavia, etc., I know how to organize such a service and avoid the pitfalls encountered by others, especially in the preservation of freedom and Liberty.

I can dance between the raindrops.  Just put me there, step aside, and shut up.


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