About this blog

“Lord of the Hundreds” is the name of a tasty sheep’s milk cheese from East Sussex, England.  It’s also the name of this blog.

I’m a middle-aged guy writer and communications professional who does writing, communications, or public affairs work in Washington, D.C.  I’m a native, which makes my trenchant observations all the more relevant.  And a hard-Right libertarian who enjoys rhetorical analysis and historic observations on this country and the human psyche.

I started this blog in April 2012 just as a compilation of thoughts and observations on my endless job search, which began January 2011 and ended in late 2014.  This search–which only took FOUR years to find a decent job in this lousy Obama economy–was very frustrating, to say the least.  But the blog morphed into a place to comment upon interesting things, ideas, and movements I come across while searching for that next employer.  Perhaps you’ll find my observations thought-provoking, or at least entertaining.

You can also follow this blog on Twitter at @lordofthehundre.  (Yes, Twitter made me truncate a perfectly good British handle.)


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