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It’s Been Too Long Since My Last Post!

I just looked at my last post–written in the waining days of July! It’s been a busy several months for me.  I finally landed a job in D.C., bought a new car, and began paying down some of my debts.  … Continue reading

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Time To Update This Blog, Don’tcha Know… #busy

I see that my last post was back in August…almost three months ago!  I need to start writing again, if simply to just to string words, sentences, and paragraphs together about the world and America in late 2013. On Labor … Continue reading

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Now That The #Election Is Over, What’s Next? #fiscalcliff

Sorry for not posting much over the past month.  I have two jobs I am in contention for, and need one of them to come through for me. So…Romney.  Yeah, that guy.  What happened?  I was looking forward to landing … Continue reading

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#Propaganda Is Alive And Well in the U.S. of A

Good morning, all!  I am looking forward to another week of sending out resumes and hearing nothing back.  I live in an area that brags on the news that they have the lowest unemployment rate in the state.  It’s complete … Continue reading

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#Romney Wins, 55-45 pct, Says Dick #Morris.

My love-hate relationship with Dick Morris goes back 15 years.  I first encountered him when he was an advisor for President Bill Clinton, and I was just a new staffer working for a very prominent national civil rights association.  I … Continue reading

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Another #job search observation…frustration

I had an hour or two this Saturday afternoon, so I figured I would do some job searching for D.C. communications, public affairs, or writing jobs.  I found two online jobs which I submitted all the usual information–resume, background materials, … Continue reading

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