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An Alternative To The FBI: And It’s Already In The #Constitution

I’ve been thinking about this idea for years, and decided to publish it on a solid Alt-West blog I read regularly. “Ryan’s Guards Regiment” The FBI is becoming a very arrogant organization because its morally deficient leadership knows it has … Continue reading

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A Successful #ElectoralCollege Vote – Or Civil War | #Trump

With a small minority of Electors taking what is a ceremonial position for casting a state’s official ballot and turning it into their own public display of narcissism and political ignorance, I found this blog voicing a growing fear I … Continue reading

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The God-Emperor Ascendant #Trump

I have no idea where the “God-Emperor” meme started on the Internet, but I love it! Applying all of this to Donald Trump, the glitzy man of the 1980s, is reductio ad absurdum at its finest. Well, as I predicted, … Continue reading

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#Trump Keeps Going, Despite The Garbage Being Tossed At Him. #AltRight

I have to hand it to The Donald, he just never lets up.  It must be pure ego driving him now, because lesser men would have said, “Get stuffed, the lot of you!” I must post more here, I know, … Continue reading

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#Trump Continues His Ride To Valhalla: Why The Establishment Must Now Crush Him | #Trump2016

I caught this Joseph Farah (WND) piece about Trump’s meteoric rise past Super Tuesday who asks the important question of why the GOP Establishment is fighting him so hard: Some of the most conservative Republicans are wringing their hands. Few … Continue reading

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The RNC Finally Does A Sack Check | #trump #2016election

“The third rule of ethics of means and ends is that in war the end justifies almost any means…” – Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals Well, it’s been a few months since I last posted here, a habit that is … Continue reading

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The Confederate Battle Flag Under Attack By Marxists #csaflag

How is that title?  The Antebellum South versus today’s Marxist collectvists, who never miss a chance to advance their foul agenda. I wasn’t a bit surprised when I heard Virginia Governor Terry McAwful say he was recalling the Sons of … Continue reading

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