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It’s Been Too Long Since My Last Post!

I just looked at my last post–written in the waining days of July! It’s been a busy several months for me.  I finally landed a job in D.C., bought a new car, and began paying down some of my debts.  … Continue reading

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Le Group: The Business Model

Le Group: The Business Model Throughout the 1983 book “Vengeance” written by George Jonas, I was absolutely fascinated by one aspect of the mission undertaken by Avner, the young Mossad agent tasked to eliminate the Black September terrorists who murdered … Continue reading

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Time To Update This Blog, Don’tcha Know… #busy

I see that my last post was back in August…almost three months ago!  I need to start writing again, if simply to just to string words, sentences, and paragraphs together about the world and America in late 2013. On Labor … Continue reading

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The End of Print Media, And Why It Lingers. #socialmedia #failedleader

I normally don’t read Andrew Sullivan anymore; his Lefty rants were always based on a love of socialism or historical cluelessness, boosted by a self-absorption that bordered on delusional. However…he hits a solid three-base hit with his post today, “Out … Continue reading

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#UFO Spotted on DC Beltway. Well, It Does Fly, Kinda…

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this Fox DC news report about a “UFO” being spotted on the I-495 Beltway surrounding D.C. “Okay, I’ll bite,” I thought to myself when I clicked on the Drudge link.  So there … Continue reading

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Jury #Nullification Victory in NYC, Of All Places.

Score one for Liberty. The good news this morning (or rather from April 23) is an intelligent decision from Manhattan U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood on protecting the First Amendment, as well as upholding the ancient right of jury nullification. … Continue reading

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Renting Armoured Vehicles to Demolish One’s House. #Awesome Fun.

Now this is a fun story.  With a concluding rant, of course. Here is a whimsical CNN video about a Minnesota couple whose condemned house was taken down by a rented armored personnel carrier (APC).  The couple was facing forced … Continue reading

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